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At Your Service Home Watch provides peace of mind knowing your home is being cared for in your absence. Whether short term or long term, rest assured we are here for you! Our concierge services will exceed your expectations, providing exceptional cleaning services based on years of experience and shopping for all your needs at your request. Give us a call and we will handle all your needs so you can go back home or leave town for a few days and know that you have left your valuable asset in trusted hands.

At Your Service was founded by retired Assistant Fire Chief Rusty McCord and wife Vickie McCord, a registered nurse. We both grew up in Venice and raised our 3 children here.  We take pride in our community and decided to provide an additional service to our community by opening a Home watch and Concierge Services business. We provide home owners peace of mind knowing they have two professionals who have experience in caring for people and their life-long community.  We care for your home like it was our own, with all attention to your specific needs. As an Accredited member of the National Home Watch Association, you can be assured that we are bonded and Insured as required to maintain our accreditation.

Know you can trust us and depend on us for a job well done!

We provide Home Watch in Venice FL with concierge services, cleaning, shopping, extra services as requested. We have many years of experience in cleaning residential and vacation properties.

Home Watch is “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.”

Vacation Homeowners!

Why you need an Accredited Home Watch Business!

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When a homeowner is going to be away from their primary or second home for a two weeks or more, they need to make provisions for having someone look after their home. Their first thoughts maybe “Get a house sitter” or “Hire a Property Manager”.  In a few cases, this may be the answer but more often than not, the right answer is to call At Your Service Home Watch!

There are many advantages to using a Home Watch Company, staffed with Home Watch Professionals certified by the National Home Watch Association.  The chart below explains what the differences are for a Home Watch Certified Professional, a Licensed Property Manager and  House Sitter.  Once you understand, call At Your Service Home Watch at 941-525-8154

Home Watch
Certified Professional 
Property Manager
Licensed Professional 
House Sitter
What Credentials? 
  • Will take care of your home like it’s their own!
  • Will rent your home and collect a management fee
  • Will use your home as a place to stay while looking for the next place
  • NHWA Accredited
  • Licensed through state agency
  • Not sure
  • Focuses on inspecting for obvious issues using customized checklist
  • Focuses on renting the property with walk-throughs for renters
  • Focuses on using your home as their own – Not taking care of it like it is their own
  • Bonded and insured
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Probably no protection for themselves or the homeowner – possible legal exposure for homeowner
  • Checklist based on industry standards for your area, customized for your needs
  • No checklist for home watch, pre/post rental checks
  • Probably has no idea what to look for or awareness of possible problems
  • Charges per inspection
  • Paid based on percentage of rental fee
  • Paid to live in your home
Cost – $ Cost = $$$ Cost – ???

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